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Every year, millions of people are injured in car and automobile accidents. At FirstCoast Chiropractic, we treat all types of pain associated from a car accident. Our patients receive world-class therapies and treatments from our therapists, chiropractors and medical doctors. Schedule your free consult today by filling out our contact form or simply call 904-730-5199 and start focusing on your health and feeling better.

How We Treat Injuries After Auto Accidents

chiropractic-treatmentAfter a car accident, even if little damage has incurred on the car, occupants can still suffer from serious spinal injuries. Sudden movement of the head – backward, forward or sideways is referred to as whiplash. Our medical doctors, therapists and chiropractors have helped hundreds of accident victims throughout the years and can help you also. Through the use of the latest healing therapies and intensive treatments, our auto accident treatment team can help you get back to living life without pain. Schedule your free consultation today by filling out our contact form or simply call 904-730-5199.

Injuries like these, stem from being struck from behind by another vehicle. The soft, pulpy discs between spinal bones can bulge, tear or rupture. Vertebrae can be forced out of their normal position, reducing range of motion, and the spinal cord and nerve roots in the neck can be stretched and irritated. While the occupants can suffer considerable soft tissue injury, the car may be only slightly damaged. Do not judge your potential injuries based on the type or seriousness of your accident. Play it safe and be seen by a chiropractic professional.

Typical Injuries and Ailments Resulting From Car Accidents

You may be surprised to know that injuries from auto accidents can present themselves in a variety of ways. First it is important to understand that you may not even realize that you have been injured after an accident. The emotion often caused at the time of the accident can initially mask your injuries. After a few hours or even over the days following your accident, you may begin to notice pain in your arms, hands or neck. You may experience a lack of comfortable motion in your neck. You may notice areas of numbness.

It is always a wise idea to be evaluated by a licensed chiropractor after any car accident to be sure that you receive any care and treatment that might be necessary to prevent ailments and pain that can potentially plague you for a lifetime.

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred Vision
  • Pain In The Shoulder
  • Pain In The Arms And Hands
  • Reduced Ability To Turn and Bend

Car Accident Injuries Vary Between Types of Accidents

Low Velocity Car Accident Injuries – Below 10 MPH

  • Injuries usually result from the rapid movement of the body during the crash
  • Whiplash and muscle strains and sprains stem from low velocity injuries
  • Symptoms may be delayed
  • Pain In The Shoulder
  • Pain In The Arms And Hands
  • Reduced Ability To Turn and Bend

High Velocity Car Accident Injuries – Above 10 MPH

  • Victims usually experience second impact – hitting an object in the vehicle such as an airbag, dashboard or even the windshield
  • Victims typically experience neck pain
  • Victims typically experience back pain
  • Victims typically experience headaches
  • Victims typically experience numbness or tingling
  • Victims typically experience anxiety
  • Victims typically experience fatigue
  • Victims typically experience irritability

Pain caused by a auto accident can be excruciating and also traumatizing. And if not treated properly and in a timely manner, it can persist and even worsen over time.

Car Accident Injury Facts & Information You Should Know

  • Threshold for cervical spine soft tissue injury is 5 mph
  • Most injuries occur at speeds below 12 mph
  • A 5 mph delta V crash typically produces 10-12 g of acceleration of the victims head
  • Other studies show that most rear impact injuries occur at speeds of 6 mph to 12 mph (majority below threshold for property damage to vehicle)
  • Delayed onset of symptoms has shown to be more common
  • 1.99 million Americans are injured in whiplash accidents each year
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